Why the Philippines is one of the best dive spots

The Philippines is a country located in Southeast Asia. This country has enough islands to shoot 7,107 seasons of Lost. That’s right- the Philippines have a total of 7,107 islands. I didn’t need to count them all one by one because the guys from Wikipedia already did.

Philippines scuba diving mapThis next paragraph, however, does not need the assistance of dear old, Wiki. What we need is logic and imagination. Think about it- islands equals beaches, beaches equals water, water equals diving, and diving equals happiness. Divers from all over the globe, join me as I give more reasons why you should include the Philippines in your “Places to Dive” list. And if the charisma of the great Tubbataha isn’t enough for you, then maybe my next few points will be.

The People

Have you ever met a guy, whose skin color is a bit brownish, whose height is probably not that high, whose smile is almost always present, whose jokes are never-ending, and whose eyebrows always raise when greeting someone? Well, chances are, that guy was a Filipino. Filipinos are known for the increasing amount of hospitality they give to the people they encounter.

If you’re a foreigner whose planning to dive in the Philippines for the first time, you’re gonna need people to take you where you need to be and tell you things that you need to know about. Here, people won’t be a problem. In most Filipino homes, when you ask for a glass of water, they’ll include some snack. Let’s say kindness is a common or boring reason for you to visit the Philippines. I’m not done yet. Did you know that the Philippines is the third largest English-speaking country in the world?  Effective communication is important especially to those who are unaware of their surroundings.

The Product

You’ve finally landed in the Philippines and have decided which one of the 7,107 islands you wanna visit. You’ve met a kind English-speaking Filipino to give you useful information and advice. You can feel the splash of the dive spot of your choice, but you’re not quite there yet. Now you’re trying to figure out how to reach your destination.

Before I continue, I must remind everyone that this is a blog by Expedition Fleet. Have you ever seen Kenny Rogers eat a Big Mac at a TV commercial? I assume not. So, with that said, the scuba diver can get to his diving destination through the one-of-a-kind liveaboards of Expedition Fleet. Here, I’ll say it again: EXPEDITION FLEET.

But seriously, Expedition Fleet is the largest privately owned live-aboard scuba diving fleet in the Philippines. The explorer ships that they own were manufactured for the purpose of transporting divers to the places that they intend to be. And boy, they sure do get transported in style. These cruise vessels are all air-conditioned, blessed with great service, and has a bar ready to replace your uncomfortable sea-sickness with mild drunkenness.

Now you’re closer to the water and can’t wait to get wet. Before you jump in, look around. Most, if not all, of the popular dive sites in the Philippines have a dive shop nearby that offers some quality diving equipment. Remember, your dollar is more valuable in Philippines soil. So, if you wanna save some cash before you head on home, check if you are in need of something that the store has for you. Also, if you brought someone with you who is diving for the first time, fear not, for diving lessons are also available.

The Philippines is simply one of the best dive sites

The Philippines is simply one of the best dive sites

The Place

You’re there! Congratulate yourself! “Thanks, Expedition Fleet!” The only left for you to decide is to what kind of diving you would do: Shore diving or Deep/Drift diving? Both maybe? Why not! Each of them has their own highlights, and to not explore them both would be a waste of trip.

Let’s pretend you first tried out shore diving. This would mean that the beach is just a few strokes away. The beach is a wonderful place. I’m sure Baywatch agrees with me. After a fulfilling dive, you will discover an absence of boredom at the beaches of the country’s most popular dive sights. Restaurants are open to feed you, discos are loud to entertain you, and bars are spilling to “fill” you, if you will.

A night of diving, dining, dancing, and drinking has passed, and you go farther into the ocean for some deep diving. Here, you will learn why the Philippines has one of the most productive marine ecosystems in the world. From corals to crustaceans, from star fish to sharks, from many to much more, the exact amount of marine life in Philippine water is beyond calculators, and Wikipedia. Bringing a camera underwater is about as important as bringing an oxygen tank when diving in the Philippines.

I think I’ve mentioned just about everything I can think of on why the scuba diver should not let the Philippines left ignored in his scuba diving lifetime. So what are you waiting for? Those kind, English-speaking Filipinos are dying to meet you.

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