Why ‘NOW’ is the best time to dive!

Are you bored? Perhaps stuck at home sitting in front of your computer reading an article about scuba diving? Why are you reading blogs about scuba diving in the first place? My guessing skills tell me it is because you, my dear reader, are either a scuba diver or one that is interested in becoming a scuba diver. If October is the time for costumes and candy, and if December represents the season to be jolly, then now, and I mean now, is the season of scuba divers.

Now is the best time to dive!

Now is the best time to dive!

The Present Climate

The sun is hot. The sun is at its hottest during summer. Summer is now. Diving eliminates summer’s heat. With that said, divers should dive now. But aren’t there times where it isn’t advisable to go scuba diving? Yes, but that isn’t the case with good ‘ol Philippines and Palau.

The ocean climate for these two nations is at its dive-able best during this season. Both of them have the best visibility range and calmest waters from November through May. Dear divers, I look at my calendar, and I see that it is currently May. You know it’s a good thing when two of world’s most popular dive spots are most available during the year’s hottest period. And did I mention that Expedition Fleet is also offering a Palau promo for divers who plan to dive in Palau?  Want proof? Click the link on the right sidebar with the Nautilus.

The Future Climate

Trees are disappearing. Oxygen is depleting. Volcanoes are erupting. Pollution is increasing. Tom Cruise’s career is ending. The Taj Mahal is aging. The Leaning Tower of Pisa is… Well, its getting there. My point is, everything that was once so awesome on Earth can’t stay awesome forever. And that includes our oceans.

If Mr. Al Gore is a scuba diver, he’d be diving right now, because he knows that global warming might soon cause damaging effects to the planet’s waters. Studies have shown that the constant increase in temperature caused by global warming is causing ice glaciers to melt. That melted ice is fresh water, and if fresh water keeps pouring in with the ocean’s sea water, abrupt changes in ocean currents might occur. This is not good not only for the scuba diver, but for the ocean itself.

If global warming does continue to get worse, more ice glaciers will melt and ocean currents will continue to change. If this does happen, hurricanes will appear at times when it isn’t supposed to appear. Unwanted and constant hurricanes can destroy animal habitats, which can harm many species. Not to mention that if there are hurricanes all year, the clear visibility of the ocean might become a rare occasion.

I’m not saying that these sad and destructive events will occur; I’m just saying that it is a possibility. Will the ocean in the future become obsolete for scuba divers? I do not know. But is there anything out there today that is preventing us to dive? I don’t think so. In fact, it suggests the opposite. Now that this article is finished, what do you plan to do?

May I suggest diving now? This is one of the best times to dive. Grab the chance because it might just pass you by.

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