What to buy and not to buy: Scuba diving equipments

Gotta have the right Scuba Diving Gear

Gotta have the right Scuba Diving Gear

You can’t be a poet without passion. You can’t play baseball without a baseball. You can’t go sky diving without a parachute. You can’t look at Amy Winehouse without throwing up. And you especially can’t go scuba diving without scuba gear.

The scuba diver doesn’t want to over-pack his equipment, and he sure doesn’t want to under-pack either.  But what items should be his priority, and what items can he leave behind? This post will be simple and short, but by the end of it, the scuba diver should know the unnecessary and mandatory equipments in this underwater sport.

To Buy

Wetsuits- I mentioned this first because never have I seen a sane diver dive without wearing a wetsuit. Also, make sure that you buy a wetsuit made from superior neoprene. Neoprene basically means rubber. But say “neoprene” to the store clerk anyway so you would sound cool. That’s what I would do.

Fins- Seeing a scuba diver without fins is like seeing a zebra without stripes or seeing Lindsay Lohan’s album without a mug shot. Without fins, the scuba diver is immediately handicapped once he submerges underwater. Twice the energy is used, but only half the distance is traveled in the absence of the aid of fins.

Choose your Scuba Gears wisely

Choose your Scuba Gears wisely

Regulators– This is the thing connecting your SCUBA tank to your mouth. The tank contains the air you need to survive. Your mouth is where that life-saving air needs to enter. So why do we need a regulator? Go figure.

SCUBA Tank- “Insert Common Sense Here.”

Other than the equipment already mentioned above, the scuba diver must also acquire the following: Masks, snorkels, buoyancy compensator, dive computers, dive lights, and those ever-awesome safety sausages.

What NOT To Buy

The Cheap Stuff- Would you charge into war with a rusty rifle? Would you climb Mt. Everest with busted boots? The moment the scuba diver jumps to the water and starts immersing deeper in the seas, his life becomes totally dependent upon the competence of his diving equipment. No one wants to end up in a hospital bed or in the bottom of the ocean because his Buy 1 Take 1 equipment broke down in the middle of a dive.

The Fancy Stuff- If you’re a simple diver, you really won’t need anything more beyond the list above to have a safe and fun dive. But there are companies out there that create new things that wants you to “Buy this!” because it will “Enhance that!” or “Improve your…” These products are not really necessities for diving, but if you have the extra cash, then why not?

This is NOT a scuba gear

This is NOT a scuba gear

The best gears can of course, be found in your local scuba diving store. We recommend ScubaWorld as the best scuba diving equipment resource store. They also have scuba diving classes and courses to help you jumpstart your scuba diving experiences. And if you’re ready to go deep diving, then just hop on board to Expedition Fleet and we’ll be happy to take you all over the Philippines and Palau in the best live aboard cruises there is.

For the experienced scuba divers who are reading this, I am pretty much certain that the information I have included here is nothing new. In fact, they may even think I have missed a few points. If I did, please do tell, and it will be greatly appreciated. But for the upcoming scuba divers eager for their first dive, I say, “Go do some shopping.”

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  1. I was hoping to see some Neutral Dive Gear (to buy) apparel on the website.

  2. thescubalady says:

    Nice article…once I figurued out who Amy W was. Thanks!

  3. Great article. Don't forget to not only buy, but have serviced regularly too! Otherwise your "brand new" few month old equipment you never wash down after a dive could quickly put you in the same boat as the "2 for 1" guy.

  4. I have to disagree with not to buy cheap stuff for our scuba diving equipment because the issue is very subjective. It could be cheap for me but not for others. And also cheap stuff doesn't mean it's not capable to perform underwater. One more thing, you can meet so many insane diver in my country, Malaysia. Remember, not all scuba divers dive in cold water temperature. We are the warm water scuba diver ;p

  5. I still don't own a wetsuit yet. I find I have more fun and buoyant without it. Then again, the waters around Sabah/ Peninsular Malaysia is still a place where you can dive without a shirt or with just a 2 piece bikini 🙂

  6. Jonathan L says:

    Nice read. But i’ve got to disagree with you on the wetsuit.

    It’s great to have a wetsuit keep you warm during a dive and I’ll readily admit how great it feels wearing a 16m wetsuit on the boat after a dive but here in Sabah and Malaysia where I do most of my diving, wearing a wetsuit is really unnecessary and can be quite cumbersome. Even during the colder months in the Celebes, a UV shirt or a rashie wou;d be sufficient.

    And as for useless dive gear, I’d say it would be an underwater laser pointer someone bought for me and probably Spare Air(google it)


  7. Good Article but the one thing I tell my divers is ignore the brand and ignore the price, just go with what is comfortable. If you dont feel comfortable then you wont be happy and you wont want to dive so… what was the point of buying expensive equipment that will never be used?

    A comfortable diver is a safe diver! you wouldnt go into space without a space suit that fits and works so dont go underwater without the same appreciation for your life support system.

    Also I found only buying gear as you find u need it helps. That way you avoid a sales person flogging you gear that doesnt fit your needs.

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