Useless Scuba Diving Trivias

Every once in a while, a blogger’s brain reaches a blank state wherein it cannot function at a good enough quality that would result in an informative post. Today is one of those days for yours truly. My original plan was to write a post on the pros and cons on scuba diving during the rainy season. I started out doing some serious and heavy researching. My attention span wandered like a moaning zombie’s or a studying Paris Hilton’s.

Scuba Diver walking

Scuba Diver walking

Nonetheless, in spite of tempting distractions waving at me from many pages from the internet, I believed that I could pull through with a relevant post. I decided to engage in a short break, as a regained my awareness by taking a slow sip of cold milk while chewing on a chocolate brownie. I felt peace and Zen with my surroundings. But ten minutes later, I ended up watching a video of a cat that hiccupped and farted at the same time. And from that moment, I knew that a chance of an intelligent post was dearly lost.

And now I’m writing this. What is “this” anyway? Is this a serious post? Is this a fun post? Who cares? I once read a quote from the world’s preeminent film critic, Roger Ebert, saying “There is a little immaturity stuck away in the crannies of even the most judicious of us, and we should treasure it.” So, I type on, in dedication to the principle of immature randomness, I type.

Expedition Fleet Blog has been around for less than a year, and it hopes to be around for many more years. I have written about scuba diving in the Philippines, scuba diving in Palau, and scuba diving in general. I have given important precautions and redundant promotions. There have been posts that try to raise awareness within the oceans and within ourselves. With occasional insults to celebrities that are famous for being insulted, I have tried to provide humor. Expedition Fleet Blog would simply like to thank its readers for their support.

What else? I know. Fun Facts- This blog has had few of them. There have been posts that included solid scientific statistics, impossible mathematical equations, and complicated medical explanations. But where are the fun facts? Now is a good opportunity to correct this injustice.

  • In 1992, a time in a world full of peace and joy and without Justin Bieber, a dude named Richard Presley spent 19 minutes and an extra 69 days underwater to set the world record for the longest deep dive ever. A good question here would be, “But where did he pee? But where did he poop?” The ocean is a terrible thing to waste. Or to waste on. Hihi
  • Tanya Streeter- now here is a woman who is either really talented or too cheap to buy diving equipment. She likes to engage in free diving so much, her body grew accustomed to it. Tanya and free diving is like Sarah Palin and stupidity, they are meant for each other. Tanya holds the world record for deepest free dive with a depth of 185 feet.
  • One day, Michael Proudfoot was investigating a sunken shipwreck in 1991, things were usual until his regulator broke, causing him to lose his supply of air. The chance of Mr. Proudfoot living long enough to witness the good (invention of iPod) and the bad (career of J. Bieber) of life would seem slim. But slim is not devoid of hope, and he managed to survive. Michael found an air bubble in one part of the shipwreck, and there he breathed shallow breaths and ate sea urchins for two days before being rescued.

With the possible exception of Mr. Presley’s potential ways of underwater “withdrawals”, these fun facts have contained an amount of interest and inspiration, something that my brain has been lacking for this day. If this post has been without useful knowledge for scuba diving, well I’ll try to do better next time. Going back to the quote I mentioned above, why not give your immature side something to have fun with. I did, and I feel awesome. Maybe you could start by watching a video of a cat that hiccupped and farted at the same time.

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  1. How about writing about Dive Communities or the lack of good ones, We are trying to creat the perfect community after finding that no real community for divers world wide exicts, maby you know some good ones? feel free to check the teaser of what we are building on we are 4 ppl working full time and have been for 5 months so its a huge project. Perhaps write about what you think should be in the perfect dive site / community.

    Keep up the good writing!

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