The first rule to diving

Think diving has no rules? Think again. Some say that the first rule to diving is breathing, others say it’s having a diving buddy. But those things are secondary. So what indeed is the first rule to diving…?

You gotta know the first rule

You gotta know the first rule

First rule to diving is having what lets you dive – a diving certificate. Without it, you simply cannot dive because they won’t let you. You must have a certification card (c-card) in order for you to be allowed by a reputable dive shop to dive with them. A c-card is obtained by taking a dive certification course, and of course, passing it. After you do so, they will give you your c-card and you’re good to go diving anywhere, anytime.

Why is a c-card so important? Well, it tells the dive shop that you are eligible to go diving and that you know the basics of diving at the least. It’s your identifier that you are indeed a diver.

The course usually consists of four parts:

1. Book work and theories

2. Exams

3. Pool training

4. Open water dives

Of course, we all love the last one because that’s what we all want – the real thing. But without the first three, your security as a diver is compromised. You have to be knowledgeable and experienced with all four to make sure that you can dive with least complications.

Expedition fleet uses the PADI diving certification

Expedition fleet uses the PADI diving certification

Expedition fleet uses the PADI diving course

The details of it are:

Cost: It costs around 15,000 PHP

Schedule: The schedule is flexible – depending on the availability of the student

Duration: It can be completed in 4 days

Things to bring: You are required to bring your own swimsuit (of course, we won’t lend you ours)

Location: Depends on student’s preference. Expedition fleet, as a scuba diving company in the philippines, have different branches. Details of the different locations can be found here:

The Open Water Session are usually done in Outrigger Resort, Anilao

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  1. Well, most of my friends here in Cavtat, Croatia are divers. Its normal here, i also used to dive alot as a kid, but only amateur spear fishing, not scuba diving. There are lots of locations around Cavtat and Dubrovnik with sunken ships and they are made tourist atractions.

  2. Hi! How much does it cost? I've heard that it's very expensive to go scuba.

  3. You can keep scuba very reasonable. Buy used equipment to begin with, then the more you dive, you probably will want to upgrade.

    Kathy Dowsett

  4. First rule of scuba diving learn to swim before attempting to take a scuba course!

  5. ithought rule no.1 is never hold your breath!

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