The first diving gear is… a bell?

Diving hasn’t always been this convenient. It isn’t a sport that has been existent in the time of Moses or Julius Ceasar. Diving is a sport that’s been discovered by the early 1800’s… Oh wait, did I say 1800? I meant 1500’s – with the use of a bell.

It all started with the diving bell

It all started with the diving bell

It’s not a walk in the park

Literally. It’s diving. So you need something for you to be able to breathe long-term underwater. In the year 1535, the first diving bell was created and used by Guglielmo de Loreno. I guess he wanted to see the deeper side of the sea badly for him to come up and stake his life on this invention of his.

It worked, and that’s where it started…

Whadda ya know, looks like the diving bell did it’s job in keeping Guglielmo de Loreno alive deep down under. And that’s where the idea of creating something that would sustain a deep long dive started. Invention after invention came along for deep-sea diving to be possible.

Who would have thought?

Now we all have technologically advanced ways to go and explore the beauty of the depths of the sea. Some even go diving solo (which we do not advise – especially for new and inexperienced divers) but it just shows how technology and the advances in diving has allowed diving to change radically over the years.

Who would have thought that it all started with a big bell?

Thank God for our diving gears today. Don’t worry, we won’t have you use a diving bell in our live aboard diving cruises on expedition fleet. Haha!

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  1. Rebreathers are also very very old! They burnt stuff to scrub out the bad gas…

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