The Best Diving Practices

As soon as man enters the deep blue sea, there is a change of everything. Walking is no longer our way of getting around. We float in style. Our access to unlimited oxygen is cut down to a tank-full. Instead of shopping for fish, some fish shop for us. Scuba diving is fun. But it’s only fun when you come out of the water the same way you came in. Below are few points on some diving practices that are advised to those who respect themselves as divers and respect the places that they dive in.

There are certain diving practices you have to follow

There are certain diving practices you have to follow

Secure the obvious

Aquaman, if you’re reading this: stay away! Everyone else is subject to the need of diving equipment. Diving shops can be tricky. If you’re new to scuba diving, try not to enter one on your own. If you have a friend who is an experienced diver, ask him/her to direct you to a competent diving shop that will not only sell to you your needs, but also cares for them.

When you’ve got enough equipment to survive a tsunami, go look for a good diving location. Ask yourself questions like, “What do I wanna see?” and “How do I get there?” How do you answer these questions? Do you literally have go beach hopping just so you can find a good diving spot? If your answer is yes, then my friend Google would be greatly insulted. I just said, “Google.” You’ll know what to do.

When in-depth

Now you’re in the water, and you feel like a scuba diving Boy Scout. You’ve got everything you need. Does this mean that you’re good for the day? Not quite. You need a sane and experienced “diving buddy”. If you’re going out with a group of friends that has been diving for awhile, then make sure you stick with them the entire time you dive.

But if you’re diving with a group of people you don’t know, it is crucial to find a dive buddy who will take care of you and knows what you don’t. Remember the movie, ‘Open Water’? Those two were not only diving buddies, but a couple. And they still ended up stranded alone in the ocean.

They might think you're a refrigerator

They might think you're a refrigerator

Creature Feature

Ah, yes- the ocean life. It is full of creatures big and small. Some are endangered, and some are dangerous. We need to take care of some of them, and we need to take care of ourselves from some of them. Observe all you want, but remember to keep you distance. Those who choose to take photos, choose your models carefully. A great white shark may be sensitive to flashes.

And yes, if I must say this, I’ll only say this once. Don’t feed them fishes. At first, it may sound safe and fun, but when you upgrade from bread crumbs to a Happy Meal, things may get ugly. If the unkind, bloodthirsty ones happened to notice that small “num-nums” keep popping out of you, they might get the idea that you’re a refrigerator.

Have fun diving with expeditionfleet! Enjoy collecting memories, but make sure there’s still room for common sense.

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  1. "If you’re new to scuba diving, try not to enter one on your own."
    What if you don't have a friend who is into scuba? I didn't. I became an educated consumer. I went to a couple of dive shops to see how they treated me. If I was ignored…I walked out. I ran across a shop that made me feel welcome. When the shop changed ownership, the atmosphere changed. I went looking for another dive shop.

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