The Best Beginner Diving Site

There are Diving sites for noobs

There are Diving sites for noobs

Before the Oscar-nominated, inglorious basterd named Quentin Tarantino “killed Bill”, he was a video store clerk watching movies in his spare time. Before Steve Nash won back-to-back MVP’s, he was a bench-warmer who drank free Gatorade. Before Justin Beiber shared his voice to the whole world, he just kept it to himself (where it belonged). What I’m saying is, everyone needs to start from somewhere, and that includes the scuba diver.
Today, my goal in this article is to provide useful tips, helpful advices, and inevitable promotions that will guide those who are “beginners”, or as 13-year-old video gamer would say it, “noobs”, in the art of scuba diving. By the end of this article, I hope all the “beginners” who read this will be able to enjoy the fun of scuba diving without worrying about the price of a coffin.

First impressions: They are very important. If your first encounter with vampires is through the movie, Twilight, I am pretty confident that you will think of vampires as sparkly, girl-stalking moaners of the day instead of fearful, blood-sucking creatures of the night. Same principle applies with scuba diving. If you’re first ever dive happened within the waters contaminated by the Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill, the chance of a second dive does not look very good.

So with the point that I made in the above paragraph, it is good for the beginner scuba diver to start happy and satisfied, joyful, and fulfilled. I offer you the best, I offer you, Palau. Why Palau, you may ask? Read article about Palau below, I shall answer. Here’s the thing, if you do decide to go for Palau in your beginner scuba dive, and ended up leaving it with an unfulfilled heart, then I suggest you try rock-climbing.

Do not worry. I did not recommend Palau to you just for its visual awesomeness, I am sure that you want something that is relevant with the beginner’s necessities: safety and experience. And this is why I love Palau even more. It is because diving in Palau will also contribute to the beginner’s needed knowledge concerning safety and experience in scuba diving.

Beginner scuba divingBeing one of the best and most popular dive spots on the planet, Palau is visited by an average of 50,000 divers each year. This is good news for beginners. I am certain that a large portion of those 50,000 are advanced divers. When you want to be good at something, it is advised to surround yourselves with people who are great at it. When you are a beginner diver, it is wise to surround yourself with advanced divers. Palau has lots of advanced divers. Watch, ask, and observe, so that you will learn.

To those who are shy, lessons are available. How do I know that lessons are available? Do you believe that there is a gas station present at every highway? Well, there are diving lessons present at every great dive spot. And how can the beginner scuba diver reach that great dive spot? Remember when I mentioned “inevitable promotion” earlier in this article? It is the answer to the question. To get to Palau, one must ride the liveaboard cruise ships of Expedition Fleet; it is a company that takes great care of scuba divers.

Did I achieve my goal today? In the “promotion” part, yes I have. But how about the part about the “useful tips” and “helpful advices”? Well, that part is up to the beginner scuba diver. In time, we shall find out. Who knows? Maybe one day, it is you that will be watched and observed so that others will learn.

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  1. I think you've made a good point about the value of a first impression. The funny thing is though. I've found that if somebody's gonna love diving, they'll love it anywhere. Some of the best divers that came out of my husband's beginner dive classes did it in the worst conditions.

    By the way, I'd love to come to Pulau. It's on our bucket list. It's just tough to get enough time. So, if you only had time to dive one spot in Pulau, where would you dive? (just so I make sure that's on my list for when I actually get there)

  2. Agree with you in everything, but in the live aboard. I think the best way to enjoy a live aboard is when you have more experience. Think about this: You go to a really easy dive site, full of life in one of the paradises of the world. You spent a lot of money on that, and in the end you are 30minutes underwater because you suck all your air!
    Also, if you start in sites not-that-good, let's say, mediterranean, then you get a first impression that becomes awesome when you go to asia or to the pacific. 🙂

    • Hmm you do have a point. Although I must say that even if you're a first-timer (in which case you have less expectations) it'd still be a great experience even if it's your first time on a liveaboard. 🙂

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