The Bahura Scuba Diving Site Resort

Nemo can be found in Bahura

Nemo can be found in Bahura

Let’s pretend that you have yet to see such elegant beauties such as The Aurora Borealis or Taylor Swift or The Dark Knight. And then I tried to describe them to you in this article. Would you fall to the ground and seize in amazement? Surely, you would not. Such a situation is the challenge that I face today as I try to promote Bahura. Words may not be enough to justify its pure awesomeness. But what choice do I have? This is a blog. A blog without words is a blog that is very sad.

Words- I will use few of them in this post. It is because the more words I use, the more you will read. The more you read, the longer I am keeping you from actually going to the place that this post is trying to describe to you. And so we move on. For starters, Bahura is not Tubbataha’s favorite Filipino cousin. It is, however, a premier beach resort and an aqua sports center located in the town of Dauin in the island of Negros that is one of the 7,107 islands of the Philippines. These inventions called, “Maps”, they say, are very useful.

Bahura has a 5-hectare beach-side coconut plantation. There, you will see things such as house reefs. Take a few steps, and you will notice crinoids-filled coral bommies that are accompanied by sea grasses. The last two sentences might have just harassed your imagination. I apologize. That is why I am trying to keep this short. Why spend time reading about them when you could go scuba diving beside them? The coral bommies await your arrival.

Here is a paragraph that is a bit friendlier to comprehension skills. You arrive at Bahura, and suddenly, you decide you don’t wanna go a dive on that day because a non scuba diving friend has no one to spend the day with. Fret not; Bahura’s awesomeness is here, ready to make you fall on the ground and seize in amazement. Did you know that Bahura also offers spa treatments, massages, caving and rappelling, ATV rides, dolphin watching, and much more? Well, no seizing will occur until you actually try it.

Bahura resortTo top it all off, Apo island is just 25 minutes away from Bahura. It has white sands, attractive rock formations, a protected marine ecosystem and hundreds of species of corals. I think I just heard Tubbataha and Palau gasp in jealousy.

So what now? Are you just going to let these beauties pass you by? Time is of the essence and you’ll never know what can happen with global warming. I’m already sweating buckets here in the Philippines. It’s time to go scuba diving!

You can get to The Bahura Resort & SPA through a Flight from Manila to Dumaguete City (Negros), then a 30 minute car ride to the Resort, which is in Dauin.

Manila Booking Office:

Unit 3 Southway Condominium, Mayapis St.
San Antonio Village, Makati City
Telephone: +63 (02) 892.34.77
Fax: +63 (02) 813.29.70

Resort Address:

Km 19/20 Maayong Tubig, Dauin 6217 Negros Oriental
Telephone: +63 (035) 425-2054/53
Fax: +63 (035) 425-2057

Getting to Bahura Resort and Spa

Prior to arrival at Bahura Resort and Spa, you’ll be landing in Dumaguete City, capital of the province, easily reached by four direct flights daily from Metro Manila as well as by fast crafts and inter-island ferries from Cebu and other ports. A twenty-five minute drive then follows south to Dauin. And another way is the new flight from Cebu to Dumaguete (vv) flying every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

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