Who said scuba diving was safe?

Yep. You don't wanna be this guy

Yep. You don't wanna be this guy

Every year we gather the statistics of deaths from different activities all over the world. People die every year – that’s the reality of it. In fact I have a news flash for you: You’re gonna die someday. And so am I!

So going over the numbers, I realized that scuba diving isn’t a safe sport at all. I’ve gathered a list of deaths per activities each year and noticed that highway accidents make up for more than 94% of all transportation accidents each year which is roughly about 41,000 deaths. Just like how Usher puts it “Oh my Gosh!”

That’s a whole lot of accidents for cars. Now let’s go on to a more biological killer – the flu. No one is exempt from the flu, right? Right. And that’s why we have 20,000 body counts from the flu each year. Yeah – cough and cold can be a mass murderer. Believe it.

How about murder? Murder accounts for roughly 15,000 deaths a year. That’s quite a handful. Wouldn’t want to be a victim of that.

And scuba diving? Well the fatality is roughly 150 deaths a year.

Dangerous sport? Hell yeah.

It doesn’t account for so many deaths a year. But that’s not the point. The fact that there are scuba diving deaths still says something about the danger of the sport.

That’s why there’s PADI certification and dive instructors to tell you how not to die in scuba diving.

Be a wise diver. Know your stuff. Death is not something to take lightly even when we’re all gonna go through it. Take your time living while you can.

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  1. Yeah that photo is fake. Scuba divers are not killed by sharks. And to suggest that they are is pretty revolting to the scuba diving community because they are dedicated to fighting the JAWS stereotype that sharks are mindless killing machines. They are being slaughtered by the hundreds of millions by humans every year and they are amazing creatures that are completely misunderstood. They will be extinct within our lifetimes because of these stupid misconceptions.

    So while your post's point that scuba diving can be dangerous and that is should always be approached with respect is valid…

  2. Amen.
    You can die doing any sport, this does nothing but put fear into the hearts of people who are wanting to see what it is like to go beyond what they are used to and see sometime that is mysterious and beautiful.
    Sharks mistake surfers and swimmers for seals and other food sources, that is why every where you read about sharks or going into places where sharks share the space there are advice about times when you should not go into the water because it is popular feeding times and the water is not clear and visible.
    Sharks are wonderful creatures and everyone needs to know more about them and how to live with them, I know that I would not want to lose this beautiful species just because people are scared, misunderstand, or just want pieces of them.
    We were put on this earth to live amongst the creatures who were here before us, but yet all we are doing is destroying all of the beauty that we were blessed enough to be included in.

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