A Scuba Diving Experience in Outrigger Resort

So I had the chance to go to Outrigger resort today. It’s located in Anilao Batangas. We left Manila at around 6am and zoomed off to our destination – not even knowing the way. As Richmond drove along, I was studying the road towards Outrigger resort in the saved Google map session in the laptop.

This is my first time to go scuba diving in Outrigger Resort. Karin was the one who pulled up the idea and invited me to tag along. How can I refuse? Haha!

And so of course I was sooooo excited and looked forward to this day. Scuba diving in Anilao, Batangas was one of the best things to look forward to in my work-laden, bloody busy schedule. And taking this opportunity was a no-brainer for me.

As you all know, as a full-time blogger, I have to always update on my readers. For this entry, I would prefer to let the pictures paint my thousand words for you.

Had Bear Brand Milk for breakfast – yep, that’s breakfast for the both of us

As you can see, we were THRILLED to get there

The place was a fabulous getaway from the city stress – especially from the corporate world

The rooms looked really beachy not a five star hotel kinda room but it does the job

Oh yeah! A banana boat! Too bad we didn’t get to ride it

The dining area – arguably my most favorite place. Not because of the food. It’s because it’s the only place with wifi. But yep, the food is also a factor. Haha! They serve great dishes here! I’m sure to gain a few pounds when I’m back in Manila

The bar – yep, they have a bar to boot your scuba diving experience. But don’t go drunk diving

The view is simply awesome. Not me – the ocean and the mountains. Haha!

All this was Karin’s idea. Thank you soooo much Karin!

I look calm but inside I was shouting “OH YEAH I’M GOING SCUBA DIVING TODAAAAAYYYY!”

These kids caught a lot of fish – albeit for dinner. They could’ve sold those in a petshop for some moolah

If you’re wondering who that is, it’s the resort manager. Hi Jet!

I Looooooooove the seashore. It’s like my second home. After my first home. Yeah.

I just had to post this pic because… Well just because 😀

This is the conference room. Where we had the chance to have a karaoke party here during nighttime

Don’t you just love Karin’s big smile?

Getting ready to dive. Ohhh Yeah!

All geared up

So we went in – the water felt great especially when you’re wearing a thick wetsuit

Large clams! Too bad there’s no pearl inside

We sure had a lot of fun – and pictures

Had to show that everything was alright with me underwater

Yes and no. Yes, I was trying to flex underwater for the camera. And no, it apparently didn’t work out for me. Haha!

You could feel the fishes nibble gently at you – multitudes of ’em

We had to get up after the dive for a surface interval. Yep, I was looking at the skies. There’s something about lying on your back and looking skyward in a small boat with the sound of the rushing waves and the strong sea breeze passing through your ears.

But of course, like everything, our trip had to end

But, unlike everything, this is definitely an experience that I will never forget.

We had soooo much fun! Scuba diving in this time of the year can’t be better – especially with the intensely heated summer that we have. Got to see a lot of marine life – clown fishes (little nemo?) sea anemones, lots and lots of sea urchins, and lots and lots of other schools of fishes swimming around.

Had a great time scuba diving in Anilao. I’ll be blogging an entry soon about Outrigger resort, how to get here, what other water activities they offer, the rates and how to book a reservation.

My verdict: Definitely recommended!

I’ll even promote this in my own personal blog just because it’s sooooo good!

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  1. Wow! Those are some great pics! Looks like you all had a really great time! What was the deepest depth that you guys went to?

    • Hey Mike! Yeah It was super great there in Outrigger! We went down abour 60 feet 🙂 We'll go deeper next time though. We're having a clean-up dive in Anilao this Sept 25. Hope you can join us!

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