Outrigger Resort: Scuba diving in Batangas

Went out scuba diving in Batangas again with Richmond, Karin and her other students. Had a great time out in the deep – just gracing through the reefs and watching the fishes and other marine life move and mind their own business.

Got the chance to see a blue octopus during our night dive too! Glad it wasn’t a Blue Ring Octopus though else I would have panicked.

The pictures weren’t too good though because of the water visibility. The swells of the waves were bigger than usual and so sand and other particles were all over the water. I’m sorry to say that I couldn’t show you guys some good underwater pictures today. Sad.

Sean Driving

Drove to Outrigger early morning. And yes, that’s a map on my lap. I’m forgetful when it comes to roads.

My New Wetsuit

First time to use my new Wetsuit! I bought it for a really good price too!

Excited to scuba dive

I know I don’t look it – but inside I’m boiling with excitement!

The drop dead gorgeous miss Karin Timmel

The drop-dead-gorgeous miss Karin Timmel – she was about to gear up too!

First Dive of the day

Weight belts, Check! Diving mask, Check! Snorkel, Check! Now let’s put on the BCD’s…

Read to scuba Dive

All geared up and ready to go deep!

Scuba Diver

So in we went and I immediately headed to the coral reefs to see some marine life

Lots of marine life

Sometimes I wonder if I should buy a full face scuba diving mask to get a full face smile on my pictures

After scuba diving

So our first dive ended – albeit too soon! But we had to go and wait for the surface interval to expire before going to our next one…

Hungry after scuba Diving

A BIG dinner after our first day diving. I was hungry as a bear!

Karin and her cake

And of course, Karin was having fun with her Cake. So much so that she had icing on her nose. Haha! Peace Karin!

Me and Karin

Of course, we MUST have a picture together as the bloggers of Expeditionfleet

Scuba Diving Group

Our group had fun the whole day! We had Susan and Pam with us too! They’re from Germany and the US.

Scuba Diving Day two

Day two! And the excitement keeps on building up! My finger nail was painted red by Karin. Color changes when you’re down deep

Scuba Diving groupies

Me, Karin and the group. We were just about to descend

I look so chinese

Water visibility was so bad for photos. Even so, my Chinese-ness cannot be hidden in this photo

Karin and the group

After the dive, group pic! Of course, the ever beautiful Karin is always the center-stage.

A fist pump

So we finished the dives and rode the boat-ride back to Outrigger Resort. Looked forward to a great, big lunch!

It was another great scuba diving experience for me. The dive sites near outrigger can be really astonishing. The marine life is rich and the hospitality of the resort is really homey. I’ll surely be back before I go scuba diving in Tubbataha and Palau. And yes, if you still don’t know – our Palau promo still holds. And the contest is still on-going too! I definitely invite you guys to join us! See you in our next liveaboard trip!

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