Marine Creatures to be Aware of

Though a lot of people are seasick, one can relate the seas to calmness, serenity and peace. But there’s a different set of rules once you go under these “calm” waters. The game will change – right there and then you’re immersed in an environment with unfriendly marine folks around. You have to play by their rules.

So for your Scuba Diving knowledge here are some of the marine life creatures you should be well aware of:

SharkShark – The most common of all sea animals that people dread. But if you want to be more specific, it’s the Great White Shark that’s truly feared. (Don’t know the Great White Shark? Refer to JAWS) But what we humans aren’t really aware of is that sharks don’t really attack people, unless provoked.

Yes they do bite off peoples limbs, or tear their arms, or if possible, eat the whole person up, they don’t, like I said, attack humans unless provoked and most of its species do not attack humans at all. A good tip for us is to stay away from shallow waters because this is where sharks feed. This is the reason why people get attacked because they do not mind the warnings given to them, so always heed such warnings.

Sea urchinSea Urchins – The usual “attack” from a sea urchin is where one walks in water and steps on one. It’s good to know that almost all sea urchins are not venomous except for one – the Flower Urchin, which can be deadly.

Contradictory to its usual look, the Flower urchin is covered by flowers instead of thorns but they are very dangerous which can cause paralysis and even death. But what’s really a sucker with sea urchins is that their stings really hurt badly. There are even instances when the sharp spines pierce to deep in the skin that they break. These cause severe pain and infections and sometimes need to be removed surgically.

Box jelly fishBox JellyfishThe most dangerous jellyfish known in the world. They have at least 60 tentacles that can grow up to 5 meters long. These tentacles are so poisonous that any human being coming into contact with these can die in just hours if not treated.

But people die not because of the sting but because of the shock the poison brings, wherein such stings lead to cardiac arrests. The Box jellyfish are very numerous especially in the seas of Australia and its surrounding countries. The Box jellyfish, like normal jellyfish, are translucent making them difficult to spot.

sea snakesSea Snakes – These snakes are usually found in warm waters. They usually attack when provoked. These snakes are very venomous and if not treated immediately can cause cardiac arrest in hours. Their bites usually go unnoticed, that’s why always be alarmed. Sea snakes are usually found in shallow waters wherein they are still close to land.

sting rayStingrays – Nobody was really aware how dangerous these creatures were until the sad death of the famous Steve Irwin. These creatures normally run away when they sense humans but attacks when provoked. The best tip for humans is to slide their feet through the sand rather than walk because once you step on a stingray, it will ferociously attack you.

That’s it for this batch! These are alerady a handful for this entry.

There’s another batch of Marine Life creatures you have to be aware of, but i’ll save that for the next entry – so watch out for it!

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  1. Wow so fantastic..great pics, great Earth saving ,Ocean cleaning task….verrrrrry commendable activity..thank you all for your work, concern and care. We owe you!!!!!
    Love,Green Wise Kids

  2. Great captured photos. It really represent how rich and beautiful marine life is. I’m happy that in a way you are also campaigning for marine preservation. Thank you!

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