3 Health benefits of scuba diving

No scuba diving can't do this to you. But it still has its benefits

No scuba diving can't make you this big. But it still has its benefits

There are reasons why Scuba diving is considered a sport in our world today. And like all sports, scuba diving brings with it some health benefits for your body and physical condition.

Water is heavier

Obviously. It is heavier than air. And up in the surface we move and breathe and walk and talk in air. It’s normal for our bodies to be in the surface surrounded in air. But when you’re scuba diving, you’re obviously in water. And water means more resistance against your movements.

Water can build up muscles that are sleeping when your body feels the resistance. Scuba diving gives you a lot of time where your body is all in water – all the while you’re enjoying your time ‘exercising’ while watching marine life all around you and exploring the underwater environment.

If you’re a swimmer, you know that swimming builds up muscles in your shoulders and thighs as you go for laps. Scuba diving isn’t as intense as competitive swimming but it also includes repeated physical movements in the resistant body of water.

Iron lungs

No don’t take it literally. But your lungs would be pushed and pushed to be more skilled in breathing. Scuba diving has LOTS to do with breathing – because it gives you buoyancy control. And buoyancy is vital when you’re navigating your way in the bottom of the sea.

You won’t really feel a million bucks when you get out from the water after a good scuba dive. You won’t feel your lungs becoming healthier, no. But it sure will give you better lungs and better breathing.

Stress buster

Oh yes, this is the perfect health benefit for all of us. Who in the world today is not stressed out? I know I am. And I’m pretty sure you are too! This benefit alone is more than enough to have you go scuba diving for health.

Studies have shown that looking at fishes in an aquarium helps you relax and relieve stress. Imagine being in one big, humongous aquarium we apparently call the sea and swim with all the marine life you can possible imagine. Your stress will surely be busted. Yeah.

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