“Peanut Butter and Jelly… fish?” The ‘harmless’ kinds of Jellyfish

Moon Jellyfish

Moon Jellyfish

We’ve always thought of jellyfish as very calm, light, soft, and friendly sea creatures with their beautiful features perfect enough to be an addition to the serene ambience of the home. That you’d just want to catch one the way Spongebob would do in Jellyfish Fields with his trusty old net, and not receiving any retaliation from the jellyfish.

Sadly, most jellyfish aren’t as angelic as those in Spongebob.

You might be thinking “Well not all jellyfish sting.”

Here’s a newsflash for you: THEY ALL DO. But you’re not completely wrong since not all jellyfish are aggressive.

And for this entry, we’d like you to know the types of jellyfish that are somehow friendly.

Translucent Moon Jellies – These are the harmless and the quite common jellyfish that we see. They do not actively sting you, but the threadlike tentacles around their body can sting. Although it’s not sharp enough to pierce our thick skin.

Purple Jellyfish – These jellies that can grow up to 40 cm only has a few tentacles that can sting albeit slightly. So don’t be afraid when you see them.

Purple Jellyfish

Purple Jellyfish

The Mushroom Cap Jellyfish – These jellyfish has deep bell-shaped bodies that do not have tentacles. They’re creamy white in color and they get darker towards the sturdy “tentacle” structure at the bottom. The good news is that they are not hazardous to people.

It’s inevitable that jellyfish do sting. Cause, that’s just who they are. So always be careful when you encounter one, expect that there’s always a possibility for you to get stung.

As a scuba diver, you’ll never know when you get to meet one – being surrounded by lots and lots of different marine creatures. Like I always say, better safe than sorry.

For our next entry, we’re going to cover the lethal, killer-types of jellyfish. Now those are the ones you better look out for.

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