Effects of global warming to scuba diving

Global Warming can extinguish Marine beauty

Global Warming can extinguish Marine beauty

Back then, we had to walk from Point A to Point B. Now, we have gasoline and cars. Then, we had to send lend letters. Now, we have cell phones and e-mail. The past decade has marked an unstoppable rise to technology. It is unstoppable because we use it every day. And it’s such a sad reality that the more it’s being used, the more we damage our world. This declination of Earth’s natural status is what the experts call global warming. To take this issue seriously is to watch An Inconvenient Truth.

Global warming is not only bad news for the passionate scuba diver. It’s bad news for all of the citizens of Earth. If it continues to assault Mother Nature, it’s a possibility that there won’t be one in the future.  Our climate will go crazy. Natural disasters can become daily disasters. Vegetation will die. Animals will die. People live on vegetations and animals. Without these two, humanity will become very upset.

For the sake of the borders of this blog, I will only mention some of the effects that global warming can do to the place where the scuba diver exercises his label- the ocean. All species in the planet’s oceans are spread out specifically where they are capable to survive. One factor of their survival depends on the water temperature. The potential of global warming getting worse is also the potential of abrupt changes in temperatures. If this does happen, it would totally disrupt most, if not all, of marine life.

If the sun emits more heat, enormous ice caps will slowly melt, which will cause an increase in sea level. Ice continues to melt, and waters become deeper.  Higher sea levels mean that the coral reefs will not get enough sunlight, which may lead to their death. If coral reefs were to disappear, its small inhabitants that depend on it will be in serious trouble. And if one part of the food chain is disrupted, the whole marine ecosystem can suffer from it.

Should I set out more facts? I think you get the point. Global warming is not, in any way, good for the future of humanity. Should we start blaming technology? As we can see, it’s us humans that invest in its improvement and popularity. And for the most part, it’s us humans that use it and gain from it. Is it bad? Not totally, no. Is it good? Evidently, no. I’ve heard some people reason out that we might as well use what we’ve got to the fullest since we’re all gonna be dead by the time global warming takes its full toll on planet Earth. But what about the ones who are to be born in this world? Should they suffer for the consequences of our actions?

Fellow scuba diver, or should I say, fellow citizen, I hope that it is also your desire that the future generations can appreciate the oceans that are as healthy and beautiful as the way we left it. To accomplish this, we must study our foe. And in our case, we must know the cause and effects of global warming, and from there, learn what to do and what not to do to counteract it. As a scuba diver, we can help by being an EcoDiver. It all starts with a choice.

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  1. let's start reduce the global warming..

  2. Bruce Franklin says:

    We are standing on a stool and sawing the legs off thinking everything will be OK.

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