Eco Diving. Going under the sea the green way

Face it: Keeping stuff clean is a hard job. Yes, even harder than trying to watch Kirsten Stewart act. And in this article, we’ll be discussing on how we can contribute to the maintenance of the… ocean. Now you’re probably like, “WHAT?! The ocean?! That’s like 71% of the Earth’s surface! I can’t keep that clean! I can’t even keep my room clean! And that’s only 10% of our house! What is wrong with you?!”

Eco Diving is a big help to clean up the ocean

Eco Diving is a big help to clean up the ocean

Dear diver, unless you’re Oprah who has enough money to polish the solar system, I am not here to ask you for something that is impossible. Today, we shall learn how to be a responsible Eco-Friendly Diver, or EcoDiver. So sit back, read on, and wave your Safety Sausage in the air as we make the ocean a better place for, not only us divers, but to those who inhabit the places that we dive in. Mr. Janitor Fish, this one’s for you.

Dive with Care

The ocean is not mankind’s property (“Not yet” -Oprah), so when we enter the water, make sure to not take anything that is of it. For example: Sea shells. We all love ‘em, but they don’t belong in our shoe box with the cockroaches. Or in the living room near Kirsten Stewart’s acting. Have some mercy. Sea shells sometimes act as temporary homes for crustaceans and they also serve as accessories for the ocean as they enhance the beauty of it. You don’t have to take them with you to appreciate it. The camera is a wonderful invention.

I advised earlier to not take anything that belongs to the ocean. To the EcoDiver, the opposite also applies- take all that you can from the ocean that isn’t supposed to be there in the first place. Everything hand-made, factory-made, “Made in China”, and if you’re lucky, buried treasure, take them with your eco-friendly hand and place it in a trash can near you.

Mankind is designed to walk the earth, not swim the oceans. That’s why, when we dive, we are required to bring diving equipment like flippers, oxygen tanks, and the critical Safety Sausage. Without them, we’re like fish on land. So a little over packing (Two Safety Sausages?) won’t hurt, right? Well, only if you’ve mastered your buoyancy underwater. Those with too much diving equipment on them, without the capacity to control their weight with it, might end up losing control of themselves. First, you’re like happy and all that with your equipment. But once you lose balance, you’re like the human wrecking ball smashing every sea shell and coral reef that hinders your path of destruction.

Respect zi Fish!

When the average diver is set to come back home and throw away all his DVD’s that includes Kirsten Stewart’s acting, souvenirs are almost mandatory. “Since I can’t take home sea shells, I’ll just buy what she sells!” says the average diver. But the EcoDiver replies, “Sir! Be careful of what souvenir you choose to buy! Don’t you know that some souvenirs are made of ivory, turtle shells, snake skin, and other things than are valuable to the ocean?!” The EcoDiver is wise.

If illegal souvenirs are not bought, selling of it might stop too. And if the selling of it stops, the killing will also cease. Hooray for the EcoDiver! I hope this inspires a commercial one day.

The EcoDiver loves marine life, but not to the point of physically harassing it. With that said, Mike Tyson can never become an EcoDiver. Sure, take all the pictures and record all the videos you want. But don’t you dare attempt to chase a sea creature so you can touch it. For the bigger creatures, they may appear friendly at first, but if you’re like that annoying classmate you’ve always had in 3rd grade who likes to poke you constantly, some creatures might unexpectedly decide to poke back.

See? You don’t have to clean all 71% of the planet’s wet side to become a competent EcoDiver. You just have to be an average scuba diver who just happened to care about the ocean enough to know how to take care of it. Sometimes you might think that no one really stops to appreciate the work EcoDivers put into the ocean. Well, think again. Mr. EcoDiver, meet Mr. Janitor Fish.

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