3 reasons why diving is best from a live aboard cruise

I never thought that staying on a boat with 15 strangers for a whole week, far away from civilization and nothing else to do except diving, eating and sleeping would be a great and exciting experience.

My very first day on our Palau trip on board the Big Blue Explorer last month changed my perspective about living aboard, when we saw dolphins next to our boat during breakfast, had manta rays before lunch, lots of sharks until dinner and in between nudibranches in every color and shape.

Live aboard diving is a must-try

Live aboard diving is a must-try

Dive as much as you like

The first and for me most important reason to dive from a live-aboard is the fact, that you can dive as much as you want. This might be a pretty daring statement, but after about 5 dives in a day, I’m sure you’ll get more than enough of the deep blue sea. I enjoyed every minute, every second in the ocean. And guess what, I also enjoyed the moment when I was able to go to bed. Haha! J

Everything and everyone is relaxed

Imagine waking-up with the sunrise, listening to the sound of the waves and knowing that hammerhead sharks could just be right under you – isn’t that a great nature wake-up call? It definitely was for me. I’m not the typical morning person, but during this certain week when I lived aboard – between the most beautiful island and coral reefs I’ve ever seen – getting up was easy.

And during the day you don’t have to care about anything except remembering all the incredible creatures you have seen under water to fill up your logbook or look for the names in one of the encyclopedias on board. The staff takes care of the rest.

The good thing on the Big Blue Explorer is that it is big enough to enjoy some privacy – either in the Jacuzzi on the top deck or in the lounge under deck – and small enough to be close to all those people, who love diving as much as you do. Which takes us to reason number three.

The big blue explorer ship we lived in

The big blue explorer ship we lived in

People with the same fascination for diving

It was a pleasure sharing all my experiences of the day with people from all over the world, with different backgrounds and of different ages but all with the same passion for scuba diving. And if I couldn’t find one guest, who could explain which creature it was on this picture I took on the dive before, there was for sure one of the dive guides with the correct latin and common name in mind.

I could continue listing reasons, but I really think that no explanation could reach the experience of staying on a live-aboard. You just got to try it for yourself!

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