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Karin Timmel

Karin Timmel

I love diving =)

I’m a 29 year old, fun loving, action seeking, hard working girl from Vienna. (Although some people say I’m a fish!)

Born in Austria, I traveled and lived in Switzerland, Singapore and the Philippines I went to places and dove a lot during the last couple of years.

When I started diving more than 10 years ago in a cold, dark lake in Austria I had no idea what I would experience in the following years and where this was gonna lead me.

But even on my first open water dive, with frozen toes and shaking all over I was fascinated from the feeling of weightlessness and breathing underwater. And I still have this feeling on all my dives coupled with a tremendous admiration for marine life.

After years of diving just for fun and only on vacations I made my first step into the professional world of scuba diving while taking the DM course in Singapore with Deep Blue. Now, living in the Philippines and becoming a PADI Instructor, (hopefully soon!) I can say “I am living my dreams!” by working in the scuba diving industry.

Sean Si

The sea is my 2nd home

The sea is my second home

I’m a simple, 21 year old guy who loves to think, read and write.I was born in the Philippines and have lived here all of my life. It’s a great country to go diving because there are lots of fish and people to spend your diving experience with.

I’m very adventurous. I love nature and wild life. I love reading and writing as well – that’s why I’m here for you guys to know what scuba diving and living aboard a cruise ship is all about!

On the other hand, I’m a very simple guy. I want things as they are. Sometimes I think we just make things too unnecessarily complicated. Life is simple, don’t make it any harder than it is. Don’t you agree?

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